Macsha offers you a cutting edge timing technology, with the best local support in the United Kingdom ​

Our team of race timers have almost 30 years of experience with chip timing equipment and race events; so we are the experts you need by your side to offer the UK and Ireland market a cutting edge timing technology, with the best local support right here in the United Kingdom.


Professionalise your events with the most economical UHF timing system on the market.

Specifically designed for the needs of small, medium or large events.


Internal Battery​

Camera Connector​

Wi -Fi Host & "Access Point"​

Web-app & Capacities Touchscreen​

Worry free Internal Backup​

Connector For Laser Barrier​​

Compatible with Lynx Finish camera


Software included.

Although the Macsha ONE4ALL systems are compatible with many timing softwares, we provide a free results software called RUFUS, absolutely FREE.
Enquire for more info.

Support via email

We ensure to resound to your emails within 1 to 3 hours of it's receipt so you can be assured you're our priority.

First-Race Support

We'll be on call from the start to the end to help you feel confident in timing your first race if you need us to. Our support system is second to none.

Continuous training​

As well as continued support with your events, we will provide monthly continuous training courses and refresher courses with any new updates to the timing systems.

Support via WhatsApp

We want to be available in the most convenient way for you so we have a WhatsApp account dedicated only to assisting you with any enquires you may have.

Personal attention

You will have a personal account agent as your "go to person". This will allow you to build mutual understand and confidence of your event.

The most advanced system on the market, especially designed for experienced and non experienced timers.

We Manufacture Race Chips in Hertfordshire

MT UHF Chip with your Race Number

Foam Chips with Dog-bone

Multi Sport Ankle strap Race Chip

Designed for floor mounting, the ONE4ALL Floor Antenna’s lightweight folding design allows for easy transport and quick assembly. It adapts easily to uneven terrain so you can mount your timing point in just a few moments.

The ONE4ALL Side Antenna provides the much-needed extra resources for multitudinous events such as cycling events and mountain trails.

And finally the ONE4ALL Arial Antenna is perfect for high-speed races such as road cycling, karting and motorcycling thanks to its high gain and directional field.

We have created Several sets of ANTENNAS AND READER options we call “TIMING BUNDLES” to set you off on a successful chip timing service for your clients or your sports club.

Shaping the future of Chip Timing

Our timing Systems are designed  and  created to meet the needs of large events to small timekeepers. Whatever you need, you will find a definitive solution to time yours or your clients’ events.


The moment you open your new One4All 5 PRO you will find a 7" capacitive touch screen panel used to command and operate the system completely.


The Macsha Antennas are developed for use in any type of active sporting event and support the passage of high densities of competitors.


In both the Base and PRO versions, the One4All has a wireless Access Point which you can connect to via your mobile device or notebook, allowing you to operate the system from the integrated Web App.

Our Prices

To tailor our prices to you, we have split our prices into two categories, tailored to timers/ events with large mass participants 

and smaller, growing events/timer

Mass participant events/experienced timers- this plan would be beneficial for you as the race chips will read on any reader and start from only 22p; however, the readers are priced slightly higher because we open them up so you can use any UHF race chips; giving you the ultimate flexibility.
Open Plan
  • Cheaper Chips
  • Use any chip with Timing System
  • Use any Timing System with chips
  • Free Timing Software Included
Smaller clubs/beginner timers If you are looking for timing systems at a lower price our club plan is better for you as readers are priced lower. We have made it this way so you're not making larger investments on the longer lasting equipment however, because you are likely to only need a low quantity of race chips, the chips are priced slightly higher and only read on the ONE4ALL Timing Systems; which is perfect for exclusive races or races that are growing.
Club plan
  • Lower priced Timing systems
  • Perfect for new timers/ growing clubs
  • Free Timing software included
  • Continuous support

oNE4All timers say...

we love them & they love us.

Want To open up your system?

If you have or want to use external UHF race chips, our systems can be opened - so you are truly free!

In 2018, Macsha releases its equipment so you can use it with the chip you want, without any ties.

This means The One4All systmes will read the chip and will return even the last 7 bytes recorded in the EPC memory sector; so if you already have race chips no worries,  your new Macsha systems can read any type of race chip.

That said, we have a great range of race chips for any type of event. Our chips are sold at an lower price for Free system users. Click here for free system shop…

Open your existing ONE4ALL systems
For A One Off Fee Of
£1,350+ VAT

If you are using 10,000 or more chips a year, buying chips with us is a smarter way to save. buy fully coded chips from 22p.




Developed and manufactured with you in mind SO #YOUCANTIMEANYTHING!

20+ countries time with the ONE4All range.

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